Google’s Major Changes – What You Should Know

Technically, if you have someone on your team that’s responsible for marketing, THEY should know this. But if not, then this information is for you. Rather than regurgitating the same information and pretending it’s some hot take, here are some excellent articles that you should read so that you can continue making good, informed choices when it […]

Beneath the Surface on Google’s Logo Update

Google made news again this week with the announcement of a major logo update. Most of the news has focused on the logo itself and people’s opinions. That’s mostly worthless noise though. With technological advancements, logos can be much more than static images for stuffy creatives to snub their nose at. Fast Company takes a […]

Google+ Getting Phased Out (Finally)

It’s finally happening. Google+, as we know it, is going away. That doesn’t mean you should stop posting. Google is not going to stop looking at that content, and they haven’t specified exactly what will happen yet. Hopefully it will transition into a more useful all around content engine. We’ll see. More here from Mashable…