Seems a bit like a loaded question. And maybe it is. Here’s why I ask it…

I’ve talked with a lot of business owners and producers in the last couple of weeks and the only consistent thing I’ve seen is an inconsistency with what the goal is. For example, I was at a networking function, where the goal was clearly referrals, as one would expect. But as people went around the room giving their 30 second pitch, there was a lot of execution, but very little on success.

“I’m looking for people that need X” … “I want to talk with people in Y industry” … “Here’s my newest product offering”

That’s all fine, but I didn’t hear anyone say something like, “I’d like to add 1 new client this month, and here’s what I hope it looks like…” There were 20 people in the room that could’ve mentally gone through their rolodex and potentially found someone. People practice their 30 second elevator speech, but what about their ideal client profile? What is the goal? How do I find it?

Work backwards. Paint the picture. What does business success mean to you? Maybe it’s 100 clients, maybe it’s $500k in gross billing, maybe it’s a new house, a college fund. Whatever it is, that’s where you start. Then we work backwards. We need 100 clients by the end of the year, which means we need 30 more, which means we need 3 per month. Each is worth $1,000 and we can afford a C.O.A. of $50. The profile looks like X and most commonly found here, where the cost to reach is….you get the picture.

Start at the end, with success. Decide how YOU are going to measure it. Until you do that, nothing else will work as well or as easily as it should.

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