Yes, everyone is writing Royals posts these days. And with good reason, frankly. I’m hopefully going to take a slightly different approach.

Sports and business are extremely similar in a lot of ways. Maybe most glaring, is the tendency to want to explain, predict, standardize, etc. success.

“If you just follow these 5 steps…”

“If they just follow Moneyball…”

“Every Superbowl winning team needs a star quarterback…”

“Every successful business needs to disrupt…”

Get the idea? It’s all crap. Success is dependent on a million different, constantly changing factors and every path to success is unique to the business and owner. The only thing that’s not unique, is the fact that all great companies are and became great because of their people. They have to be the right people, in the right positions, doing the right things. If not, it won’t work. It will be different for everyone. Escobar is a terrible lead off hitter for a lot of teams, but the perfect lead off man for the Royals.

Stop buying into the hype of quick fixes, process-based solutions and copycat growth strategies, and start finding your championship team.

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