Do you spend as much time recruiting new talent as you do new customers? If you’re like most, then the answer is ‘no’. Why do you suppose that is? Most, when asked what the biggest reason for their success is, will say their people.

Look, I get it. It’s hard to spend valuable dollars and time on getting applications when the same dollars and time can bring in new customers. On paper it’s an easy choice to make, and it’s hard to fault owners for making it. But what if rather than get 10 new customers and turning 2 into repeat customers, you got 4 new customers and turned 4 into evangelists. Most of the time, the difference between good and great is just the right people. Now that doesn’t mean that companies can stop lead gen, but what it does mean is that companies have to widen the scope of who they’re trying to attract.

If the name of the game is creating a company/brand/product that brings people to you rather than having to go out and beg, then the whole customer experience has to be looked at and perfected. If you have to solicit for new applicants/employees the same way you have to solicit for new leads/prospects/customers, then whatever is holding your company back from attracting new business is likely holding you back from attracting the best talent.

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