Thank You!

I’m going to keep this short and sweet. Just over a year ago, I took a chance and started this little adventure called Kairos. I didn’t really see it as a big leap of faith though, as I knew I had a great network of support. Turns out I was right. You may have noticed […]

Google’s Major Changes – What You Should Know

Technically, if you have someone on your team that’s responsible for marketing, THEY should know this. But if not, then this information is for you. Rather than regurgitating the same information and pretending it’s some hot take, here are some excellent articles that you should read so that you can continue making good, informed choices when it […]

How Do You Measure Success?

Seems a bit like a loaded question. And maybe it is. Here’s why I ask it… I’ve talked with a lot of business owners and producers in the last couple of weeks and the only consistent thing I’ve seen is an inconsistency with what the goal is. For example, I was at a networking function, […]

It’s Not Complicated. It’s Complex.

Though these two words are synonyms, in the context of business/growth/marketing, their difference could not be more important. In business we’re led to believe that there are easy fixes. Read this book, implement this system, buy this software, listen to this podcast or speech, hire this firm, etc. All promise that if implemented, profits will […]

New Year, So What?

January is an interesting month for a lot of businesses. For many, it’s a slower time of year which creates opportunities and challenges. It’s a great time to take stock, catch up on those desk piles, marketing plans, etc. But because it’s a slow time, there often isn’t a ton of budget to implement all […]

People, People, People – Royals Edition

Yes, everyone is writing Royals posts these days. And with good reason, frankly. I’m hopefully going to take a slightly different approach. Sports and business are extremely similar in a lot of ways. Maybe most glaring, is the tendency to want to explain, predict, standardize, etc. success. “If you just follow these 5 steps…” “If […]