Whatever the reason is, I doubt it’s on your website or your business cards. Why not? In my experience, it’s because of a couple different factors:

1) The owner may have that passion, but they have a bunch of other people that represent the organization that don’t share the same passion, and therefore would not be living up to the promise. (this is a fair explanation, but not a good reason)

2) The company is trying to tell their prospects/customers what they think they want to hear, or they don’t feel like their real story is good enough. (also fair, also not a good reason)

Even more so than a story, people want authenticity. People do business with people they like, so they want to get to liking you. Tell them the truth. Tell them why you lay awake at night thinking about stuff that no one else gives a damn about. Tell them why you spend weekends at the office away from your family so you can help others provide for theirs. If you’ve got a real purpose, and you communicate effectively, and you surround yourself with people that believe in the same thing, customers will flock, because that’s what they crave.

Start telling people what you REALLY do each day, not what’s on your business cards.

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