What’s your story?

Chances are, it says quite a bit more about you and your business than you think. Stories are everything for people. They are how we communicate everything. What we tell, the way we tell and why we tell all have an impact on the way people think about and interact with us as individuals and companies.

The best stories can actually hide imperfections. If the why/purpose of a company is something that resonates, and the story is told properly, then deficiencies in the product or service go either unnoticed or ignored.

An excellent example of this is the Shinola watch company in Detroit. Their story is fantastic – and you can read/watch more about that on their website. You’ll probably come away wanting to buy a watch or bike. But should you? Not if you want the highest quality watch made in America. Not if you want a watch with the most American manufactured components. But those facts don’t matter. The story does. The story is what has taken this company from nothing to one of the hottest domestic brands today. A story masquerading as a product.

THAT is the power of storytelling. THAT is the power you need to harness.

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